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Offer a unique and unforgettable experience ! 

The Sublime Spa & Estética has at your disposal a wide range of services to provide that special someone, such as massages,

body treatments and face treatments.

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Christmas promotions

This Christmas, offer a unique experience of well-being.

We propose 3 Rituals of pure relaxation.

We guarantee an unforgettable gift !

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Sublime Massage

The Ritual begins with a relaxing foot bath, followed by a full body relaxation massage with warm oils and lavender essential oil. This unique massage combines 3 techniques (relaxation, drainage and therapeutic) for a sublime effect on the entire body and being. This pure relaxation ritual allows for the reduction of stress, the relief of pain and muscle tension, the increase of energy and the feeling of lightness and well-being. At the end of the massage, chamomile tea and a Swiss bonbon are served.

60€   | 90 min.


Sublime skin cleansing

The most complete facial cleansing ritual that combines the extraction of impurities, detoxification and oxygenation. Great for any skin type, leaving it smooth, luminous, clean and hydrated.

Cosmetic products and anti-aging technology are used (excellent allies for keeping the skin young and slowing down the signs of aging).

The Ritual ends with a craniofacial massage to deeply relax.

45€   |   60 min.


Foot massage + craniofacial

The ritual begins with a relaxing foot bath, followed by a relaxing massage of the scalp, face, neck and shoulders.

The lavender essential oil used in massage helps relieve headaches and reduce stress. The ritual ends with a foot massage to reduce any remaining accumulated tension, which will bring a feeling of lightness and general well-being.

30€   |  30 min.

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